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Welcome To Our Florida Island

Submerse yourself into primitive nature on a sustainable island in the Florida Keys.
Our Florida Island welcomes you to kick back, slow down and immerse yourself into a natural paradise.
The houseboat is docked at a private island designed to make your next vacation one of relaxation and connection. From boating and exploring to kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and fishing the activities here are endless.
Or maybe you just want to snooze in one of our hammocks for the week. Whatever your intention is for your time here it is our sincerest hope you find peace and a renewed sense of self.
Here on this secluded island it is inevitable that your connection with nature and your loved ones will merge into one unforgettable experience.
About Toni:
Toni bought ‘Our Florida Island’ in late 2018 after a successful career as a land planner. Shortly before her retirement she met up with some olds friends for a fishing trip in Marathon. While on the trip she happened to snap a picture of an island here in the Keys and jokingly sent it to a friend and said “Now THIS is what I’m looking for!”
A few months later while searching for a project she came across “Our Florida Island” (then named ‘Quiet Cove’) and haphazardly sent it to a friend with the comment “how about this one?” The friend replied back instantly and said “Go for it!” Toni visited the island and completely fell in love with it. The pull here was immediate and definite and she bought it on the spot.
To hear her tell it the first thing she thought was “I could definitely build a giant fort with my grandson here!”. But beyond that she was really interested in making sure the island was in good capable hands to be able to share it with others and ensure the island was self sufficient and sustainable as possible.
Since purchasing the island Toni and the island caretaker Conrad have worked tirelessly to upgrade and clean the houseboat, build the de-salinator on the island, add solar panels to the top of the boat and attach the electrical panel to it, create more hang out spaces and comfortable living areas and implement sustainable practices.
Toni is passionate about preserving what is here and sharing this experience and island with others. To share the gift of appreciating nature in it’s most primitive form is really what makes her light up. Where else can you see manatees, waterbirds, conches, sea urchins and iguanas in the same view? 
Toni hopes once you are here in this incredibly private and beautiful setting you will carry with you the spirit of preservation and incorporate some of those guiding principles in your daily life.
Come experience the ultimate Florida Keys getaway.